You were born for leadership and significance. Your dream matters. Let's work you through a proven process that will help you gain clarity about you, your purpose, and the steps it will take to get you unstuck. This process of discovery and action targets many of the reasons so many women fail to build their dreams and do something significant that changes their life and the lives of those they love. If you feel unfulfilled, burnt out, unclear about your direction forward, or you feel like you are doing good things yet not living up to your full potential this course is for you. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST so you can be notified when our program opens up again.



We help women overcome obstacles to moving forward in their spheres of influence, by providing a system that helps them breakthrough those obstacles and into another level of success, so they can live like the champions they know they are.


"Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own." 


You are your greatest asset. For women to gain the most out of our strengths, we need to know who we are. When we do we will discover that much of what we believe is limiting us from our dreams.


Finding out what you were born to do can be a process. This program is designed to help bring clarity to this process so you wake up with and renewed sense of motivation each day.


Courage is discovered in challenge. When we are challenged by a big enough vision we are faced with the option of being courageous. We can choose courage if we have the tools we need to.


LEAD is an answer to the cry of women leaders that are wondering why they are not breaking through to their next level. LEAD challenges women leaders that have plateaued to come up higher by overcoming limitations that keep them from soaring.

LEAD is an 8 week live program that takes women leaders on a journey of self discovery and freedom for greater success.

This program helps them discover their true motivations, declutter the mental mess, gain true vision and acquire the courage and momentum to relentlessly pursue what they were born to do.

LEAD helps create breakthrough moments for women that are struggling to press past internal limitations to their success so they can be the Sheroes they were born to be.   

This is not for the faint at heart, but FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE and are ready to do what it takes to get out of a rut and get to their next level.
This course will challenge you to take the limits off so you can share your voice, lead, and make a big impact in your sphere of influence


  • 8 Live group coaching sessions with Master life coach Tinell Dickens.
  • 8 modules dripped each week.
  • Growth and clarity tools and exercises that correspond with each module so you can begin to see results immediately.
  • A community of women that are showing up to win and help one another to do the same.
  • Pop up Q&A group calls to answer any questions you may have and help you get the most out of LEAD.
  • One-month free access to 1WM CLUB.
  • Access to our 1WM vault of videos that will help further accelerate your growth and development.
  • Certificate of participation. 

Melissa Dix - CPA

"The Lead Program has been inspiring, insightful and extremely informative. It has allowed me to really dig deep with some serious issues and misconceptions on my journey to purpose."

Simone Rolle - Master's Student

This course allowed me to be open and honest with myself and deal with things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to. The teachings and assignments forced us to take a deeper look inward in order to be clear about who we are as individuals. We are now a community of women, encouraging each other to walk out and fulfill the assignment for our lives.

Heather Pierre Antoine - Business Owner

"I am a graduate of the mentorship program and I must say I came out better than the way I came in. If you're afraid, then go in afraid because at the end of the day you will become fearless" 

Tonya Amedon - Corporate Manger

"Since taking the LEAD course I have grown so much. I have signed up for the 1 on 1 coaching. Trust, believe and walk out on faith"

"Rethink what's possible for you."